80 Golf Course Road
Dallas, PA. 18612
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You are a unique individual. This naturally suggests that golf education should be designed to suit you - to acknowledge your past experiences, your capabilities, and to achieve your future goals.

Individual Instruction sessions are designed based on an initial discussion of your experiences and goals. You may be a new golfer who wants to learn the fundamentals and skills required to play golf. You may be a more experienced golfer seeking to improve your game. Whatever your desired outcomes, these individual sessions will be designed to enhance your learning, practicing, and playing abilities.

Group Sessions are ideal for golfers with similar goals. Lehman Golf Club can accomodate groups of up to 3 people. The focus of the sessions will match your group's goals, which may range from beginning fundamentals to improvement of advanced shot-making skills.

Contact Elizabeth Spencer at lehmangc@hotmail.com or 570-675-1686 for information about scheduling your lessons.